Duration: 3 Days

Course Learning Objectives:
Understand how Ansible works, what its for and what its not for
Use Ansible command line to execute commands on one or many remote nodes
Use Ansible playbooks to chain together commands for execution
Becoming a jinja2 ninja
Variables, Inventories and modules

Automate all the things – control your network with Ansible


Why Ansible?
When should you use Ansible and what it’s not for?

How to install Ansible

Ansible Command Line
Gathering system information from remote nodes.
Executing single commands/modules on one or many hosts.

Ansible Playbooks
Introduction to YAML – whitespace matters!
Key Elements of a playbook – plays, Hosts, vars, tasks, roles
Plays vs Tasks vs Roles
Ansible Galaxy – to infinity and beyond…

Become a jinja2 ninja
What is jinja2?
The template module
Loops, conditionals and includes

Variables, Inventories and Modules
Variables – order order! Precedence and overriding
Inventories – how to organise your remotes
Modules – the core of each task in a play
Network Specific Modules – interact with and automate your network

Automate All the Things
Work through some real world examples of how to automate networks using Ansible for;
Cisco, Arista, F5, etc.