Python for Network Engineers Course - Nov 25th-28th 2019

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Python for Network Engineers Course - Nov 25th-28th 2019


Duration: 4 Days

Full Details and Course Objectives Outlined Below

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Duration: 4 Days

Course Learning Objectives:
Understanding of language data types and methods
Write simple scripts to interact with Networking Devices
Ability to understand complex Network Automation scripts
Appreciation of Object Orientated Programming
Install and use modules to interact with network devices

Optional Modules
Cisco ACI


Why Python for Network Automation
Python Tools for Networking Engineers

  • IPython

  • Pycharm

  • PIP

Exploring the interactive shell

Python Fundamentals
Data Types and Objects
Using REST to communicate with Network Devices and Tools
Parsing data returned from the Network
Manipulating the network
Writing Parsed Data
Reading Data
The essentials of Flow Control and dealing with exceptions.
Increase the functionality of the Core Python Runtime with Import.

Python Modules for the Network Engineer
Parsing Data
Most Network devices/Tools will return and accept data in a serialised data format, the most common of which are XML and JSON.


Using the JSON module to parse returned data.


Converting returned XML to a Python Dictionary.


Easily manipulate and create YAML files.


Easily manipulate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Connecting to the Network
Connectivity to networking devices is almost exclusively through SSH, therefore a robust SSH programming environment is required.
Most API calls to either orchestration platforms and networking devices (although not exclusively) are made through REST (Representational State Transfer).  An understanding of REST operations and the ability to program against it is an essential requirement of the Network Engineers toolbox.


Essential module to establish and maintain your SSH programming environment.


turbo charge SSH connectivity in Python.


Human friendly REST requests in Python.

Storing Data/Retrieving Data


Interact with Excel spreadsheets and CSV files.


Storing and retrieving data from MongoDB with python.


Retrieving user input data from the command line.



A module to cater for Regular Expression operations on data.


Templating language.

Cisco ACI
Exploring the ACI Object Model with Visore (Object Browser)
Easily create new API calls to ACI with API inspector
Querying and configuring ACI using REST from Python scripts

Why NetConf/YANG - A paradigm shift in Network Management
What is a Data Model – Explain the YANG Data Model (rfc6020) and why Data models are important
YANG Explorer – a DevOp tool for exploring models and coding against them
NetConf Operation – The mechanics of the NetConf protocol
Ncclient – Enable device level operation of NetConf from your Python script
NSO – An introduction to Network Service Orchestration – A tool for creating and deploying YANG Service Models.
NSO use cases – Demonstrate the power of NSO.

Query and configure Arista switches using EAPI.
Using Cloud Vision Portal (CVP) API

Basic principles.
Playbooks, tasks, modules, variables, templates